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As with the general in the illustration below, we believe leaders are far more effective when they can see the entire "battlefield" of their business. We give leaders the tools that pull them out of the battle and put them up on a hill to have a better vantage point. Having co-founded, managed and sold nine-figure businesses ourselves, we understand the needs of executives. We work with them to quickly understand their situation and determine what types of information at their fingertips would most increase their effectiveness.












Using an extremely efficient and non-disruptive approach, we provide customized Business Intelligence Dashboards enabling our clients to quickly visualize and analyze any or all aspects of their business – in many cases, from a single screen.


Our “secret sauce” is extreme Excel expertise combined with our extensive proprietary code library – “Excel on steroids”. Combining these tools with our business experience and acumen, we create totally custom applications with very few iterations. This is in stark contrast with more conventional projects in which an executive is constantly frustrated trying to communicate his project needs with a developer that “just doesn’t get it”.


Ken Callaham

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner

Ken was a Co-Founder of Universal Data Consultants (UDC), a successful systems integration company, which he helped, grow to over 200 employees and $100 Million in revenue, before a successful sale of the company to GE Capital.  Ken's focus areas were Technology, Accounting, and Finance. 


One of Ken's technology specialties was learning about popular software, such as AutoCAD and Lotus Notes, then greatly enhancing them with their built in programming languages.  He also had a passion for running his business through metrics and analytics.  He led the charge in preparing all of the accounting and financials for the lengthy and detailed process of selling the company to GE Capital.


Since selling UDC, Ken has been involved in various other businesses and investments.


Ken's educational background is in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.  He also, as a side project, obtained a degree in Biology at Kennesaw State University.

Mike Moss

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner

Mike was a Co-Founder of ExecuTrain Corporation, which became a world leader in computer software training through a franchised distribution model.    He helped grow ExecuTrain to 225 locations spanning 27 countries and almost $190 million in systemwide revenues before a successful sale of the company to International Data Group (IDG).  Mike's focus areas were Sales & Marketing. 


Mike also had a passion for running his business with key metrics and analytics.  "Every business needs a good set of visible scoreboards"  Some of Mike's specialty areas are franchised or multi-location businesses, sales data and marketing data analytics.


Since selling ExecuTrain, Mike has been involved in various advisory roles, start-ups and investment projects.


Mike's educational background is Marketing and Advertising from the University of Georgia.

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